Backpacking in Thailand – What You Can Get Out of It

Take a look at any list of the top travel destinations in the world, and you’ll see Thailand right on top (or at least, close) at number 5. Everyone seems to have a different idea of what the country is all about, what it has to offer, and what it is all about.

If you are a backpacker looking to stay in Thailand for a while, though, you might be wondering what you can get out of your travels in the country. Are you going to be left absolutely nothing to do once you arrive, or do you have a number of draws for your attention?

Let’s take a look at each of these attractions for backpacking in Thailand separately.

Serengeti National Park

Put on a pair of hiking boots and head to the far reaches of the rainfall-forested island of Serengeti. There are a number of effective ways to enjoy the wilds, even if you are not a bird watcher. Plan a road trip to the island’s central tourism area, which includes P Owadi, which is the island’s largest commercial zone.

Don’t limit your options to just one park in the park. Border hopping is a great way to see major parts of the island, and plenty of places to stay. Consider the Border Passage, a must-see bus route that cuts through the park.

Ko Samui International Airport

Just south of Bangkok is the international airport at Ko Samui, which serves Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Tokyo and Rome. There are several effective ways to travel to the nearby countrysides and attractions for backpacking in Thailand.

Malaysia’s second largest city of Joseowa offers visitors a pleasant trip to the coast off the coast. The city has aankerous Old World charm, but also opens itself up to tourists in a number of ways.

The Puduraya Beach Resort is one of the most fascinating hotels in the country. Set in the middle of the deciduous forest near the seashore, it’s a pleasant getaway from the bustling city. The hotel’s 200 rooms sit atop a hill amid the hotel yard and its resident sentries.

In addition to the exotic scenery, you can unwind with a view of the emerald green sea and the shimmering, clear blue sky. The hotel’s services include everything you need while in the country – even a massage.

Pitch your motorhome at One World One Resort, Himachal Pradesh.

Trip Roads/ Noise Pollution

Too many people in the city have earned the city the sobriquet of “Hate City”. To make your stay tolerable, stay off the famous streets which have become hotspots for pollution. preferred option? Visit the national capital, Delhi, and leave the Delhi Palace and the Red Fort behind to reduce your green footprint.

But your journey is not yet over. Huge number of traffic jams and sprawling slums of Delhi can ruin your plans. Still, the city has some qualities to its credit. Just off the Delhi-Agra road, at Moti Masa, you can watch a golden landscape of scrubby undergrowth and badly needed rainwater harvesting.

And if you still have no idea where you want to go, Guidestones, a northwest angle, is a perfect place to stop over and ask questions. At one bend, you will find mirrors on the walls fixed to the rock. Can you identify the mirror on the wall? Only you can know that it is a work of art.

The quest for knowledge continues. Woharti monument in Matheran is a good place to visit. Those interested in art and architecture will enjoy the museum. However, to get to know the local taste, spend a day at Panch Mahal. The local craftsmen are very nice and helpful.

You should also visit the Golden Triangle Tour. It is a return to basics. The place has attracted attention with its fresh, modern and sleek style of living with hip communal spaces. Bike rental is available at their Cycle Hotel and you can meet the local cyclists on their paths. Grab your bikes and ride with them through the exciting destinations of Gurgaon and Noida.

These are just a few recommendations for you to enjoy your stay in gurgaon. There are hundreds of attractions to explore in gurgaon and its adjoining areas. You will surely enjoy your stay in Thailand.